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Please read the description in full before submitting the order.

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SLA Printer 50z
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47 micron XY LCD
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Castable Resin
Castable Resin
Castable Resin
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Castable Resin
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Castable Resin
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    • Bluecast Asiga
    • B9 Emerald
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    • B9 HD Slate Grey
    • Bluecast Cr3a Resin
    • Bluecast X10
    • Bluecast Dental Model
    • Envisiontec Wic-100
    • Prototype Resin


Bluecast Jewellery Printing Service:

We have several printers for you to choose from, Castable and Prototype Resin as well. Our standard Service is 2-3 Days but we have options for 1-2 days and the same day (*orders before noon). This is the number of days before shipment.


Asiga Max X35: 35-micron xy resolution with an SPS technology giving a highly detailed print and outstanding quality. This printer has options of Several Resins, Bluecast for Asiga, B9 Emerald, Envisiontec Wic-100, Asiga Supercast HD and Prototype Resin.

Build Volume:  67.2 x 37.8 x 75 mm

B9 Core 550: Large build volume 50 micron xy resolution, Fast Printing and great quality. This printer has options of Several Resins B9 Emerald, B9 Yellow and B9 HD Slate Grey (Prototype).

Build Volume:  96 x 54 x 127 mm

Bluecast LCD Cr3ator: Very large build volume and 47-micron xy resolution, this is an LCD printer and is the entry-level we offer into 3d printing. This printer has options of Several Resins Bluecast Cr3a Resin,  Bluecast X10 and Bluecast Dental Model (Prototype). Due to Speed of this Printer SAME DAY IS NOT GUARANTEED

Build Volume: 67 x 120 x 180 mm

Model Accuracy:

Please allow for shrinkage during your design process, There is shrinkage in the Curing of Models and in Casting this will affect Model Accuracy. A general rule of thumb is to allow for 1-2% of shrinkage. We will do our best to keep models the same size but shrinkage is a natural thing that happens during curing and can vary from design to design.

Model Integrity:

All models should be uploaded free from errors and defects, we will do our best if a modal needs repairing this will be an automated system so design defects are possible so please upload all models as you wish them to be printed.


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