When X10 Standard just does not give you enough detail, this is used in cases where crisp sharp edges are needed, small details and high contract pieces.


Have a customer who wants the stones set whilst being cast, this is the customizer for you. Enabling PRESET Casting with ease. Make sure you use appropriate stones that can withstand the heat during burn out.


Work in Dental? or want to really push filigree to the extreme then this is the choice for you. Enabling you to print even the most challenging and complex thin pieces.

Why use a customizer?

In short, it is not needed in some cases but for the added bonuses they offer it is, if you do a lot of large flat pieces then Sharpenizer will give you crisp edges.  Hardenizer will enable you to do Jali designs to your hearts desires. Softenizer is purely to make the resin softer this will enable presetting to be done easier.

Some customers want to push there printers to the limits and the Customizers enable them to do this, the concept behind this is simple. I buy one bottle of X10 and buy two customizers then I can do more with that one bottle than being locked to one type which saves money. Instead of buying two bottles of X10 specialized to the customizers.

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